Entropicity is the freelance ID of
Jake Chong.

Jake Chong is a freelance designer based in the eastern part of Singapore.

Jake has a BA Multimedia Design from Curtin University of Technology

Jake has over 10 years experience working with small businesses to multi-national corporations in realising their marketing campaigns and design needs.

Jake provides his unique perspective in the fields of branding, print, web and multimedia design.

Of late, he has focussed more on branding, print and web which he enjoys most.

Jake has travelled widely over the span of 3 decades. Covering dozens of cities across North America and Europe.

He has also hopped around the region from Japan to Indonesia.

Once he took an extended 3 year stay in Australia.

Currently, Jake is settled more or less back in Singapore on the eastern side of the island close to the beach.

Personalised service from someone who takes the time to understand your needs and your industry.

Less redtape and more direct
interaction with the person who does the work.

Savings due to less overheads are passed on to the you.

Work revisions are possible more frequently and can be made almost immediately.