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Here are some questions that you may need answered before you engage my services. You may also find questions which you may not have asked yourself here.

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  1. How much does your design service cost?
  2. What does the cost include?
  3. Other designers offer cheaper services than yours, why can't you charge the same?
  4. How long will the project take to complete?
  5. How do you handle payment?

How much your design service cost?

The cost of design varies with the needs and requirements of different clients. Since no two projects are the same, hence no two projects bear the same cost.

It is all too easy to itemise the design as a single product with a standard price. However as design is subjective, so are the costs and the results associated with the person you are hiring. It is not just the skills of the person you are hiring but also the brains behind the critical thinking and creative output.

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What does the cost include?

The cost for the design work includes the final product. However it also includes all the time taken to research the most ideal solution for your project and also the development work put in to realise the final product. The quality of the research and development work also relies on the skills and experience of the designer. Apart from that, it also includes the consulting work and time and expense to meet up with the client.

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Other designers offer cheaper services than yours, why can't you charge the same?

Design is a service and not a product, hence you cannot peg a standard price on it like a product in the supermarket.

No two designers offer the same resolution to a project. In fact, there can be a huge gap in the quality of services rendered. A designer who prices his services cheaper is less likely to be more accomodating to the client as his earnings are more sensitively tied to the hours clocked on the project. After the first few changes from the client, the designer is less motivated to do a better job because it is just not worth his time anymore.

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How long will the project take to complete?

Depending on the scope of the project, a job can take anything from a couple of days to weeks. A huge factor in the time it takes for completion of a project is the client. Often an undecided client will ask for many changes which causes the project to drag on longer than expected. On the opposite end of the scale, a rush job will require the designer to focus more resoources on the project at hand and neglect his other jobs, accelerating the job to completion but at the expense of getting a possibly better result if more time was invested.

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How do you handle payment?

Usually I will expect a 50% downpayment upon commencement of the project and the other 50% upon completion. This is for my own protection in case the project goes awry or the client runs off.

There have been cases where the client takes the work in progress of a designer and passes it to a cheaper designer to finish the work based on the hard work put in by the initial designer. The 50% downpayment serves as protection and also as a motivation for me to complete your work and for you, the client, to see the work to completion with me.

Payment can be made to me via cash or cheque.

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Thank you for reading my answers. Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.